“In the long run, I’m not sure that it matters if a student learns algebra,
but I know that it matters if a student learns right from wrong,”  

~ George Booz, former high school principal.

We are raising our future leaders, businesspersons and fellow citizens now.  Bastrop County Character Education is a county-wide organization promoting the importance of good character and corresponding good actions in our schools and in the community-at-large.

We promote character education in many ways. We host Character Trait speakers at city councils, school boards and county commissioner court meetings, distribute a monthly trait poster partnering with a sponsor to schools and in our communities, fund an annual scholarship (beginning 2017-18 school year) to seniors at all four public high schools awarded on good character rather than grades, and more.

In February 2011, after a presentation by BCCE founder Evelyn Weilert, Bastrop County commissioners designated Bastrop County a “County of Character.”  The Smithville City Council designated its town a “City of Character” five months later, followed by the cities of Bastrop and Elgin.